Vladimir Putin “Healthcare reform: Everyone over 40 years of age, to be shot!”

Barack OBAMA “People are angry, they are frustrated. Maybe we should just let them all die?”


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wagner20head20shot20webTodd Wagner is apparently furious at his 2929 production partner Mark Cuban for signing on to fill the role of Raymond “Rainman” Babbit left vacant by Dustin Hoffman’s sudden departure 4 weeks ago from the planned sequel to the 80’s smash-hit . Wagner has filed a preliminary injunction against the film, alleging breach of contract against Cuban. Wagner has accused his partner of pulling a “Don Simpson” an obvious comparison to the high-flying super-producer of the 80’s and one time Bruckheimer partner who, fueled by a mixture of cocaine and narcissism, demanded to act alongside the stars of mega-films such as “Days of Thunder.”

Yesterday, Tom Cruise jumped back into the growing controversy by issuing this joint press release with domestic producers United Artists. “I knew Don Simpson, I made movies with Don Simpson and believe me when I say this, Mark Cuban is no Don Simpson. My dear friend Mark Cuban wants to portray the role of my autistic savant brother Raymond Babbit in the sequel to the much beloved 1989 Best Picture Winner “Rainman.” I know Todd may feel that Mark’s and 2929’s credibility is on the line, but he has not been privy to the thousands of letters and email responses we have received from, not only the public, but the rank-and-file of the Hollywood comunity, since this story broke. Everyone of them has responded to the announcement positively, backing our instinct that Mark Cuban can successfully play an Autistic Savant.mark-cuban2

The proof will be, as they say, in the pudding. Todd will have to trust in my years of experience and that I definitively know an Idiot [Savant] when I see one.., And Mark is the real deal.”

Todd Wagner was unremitting in his condemnation of the decision and countered with: “Mark playing an idiot, that’s just idiotic” he stated. “What’s next for Mark, starting five on the Mavericks?” “Did you see him on ‘Dancing with the Stars?'” Atrocious! Yet, after that he started feverishly looking into the remake rights for Dirty Dancing’. cuban20dancing

“That took me 3 weeks to talk him down off the ledge there. Half my job is crisis management, protecting this madman from himself! If you had any idea how close Mark had come to putting himself in the Maverick’s starting lineup, you’d have him locked up immediately. From a sporting perspective, Mark couldn’t jump over a pencil, trust me. From an acting sense he’s as wooden as a crash test dummie. In fact, Cruise would be better off casting one of those. ”

crusieLatest word is that Tom Cruise is trying to set up an emergency summit between producing partner Paula Wagner and Todd Wagner because as he put it, “Aren’t they related somehow?”

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