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Titavatar/Avartanic: James Cameron announces bizarre plan for rereleasing both films at once!

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Ni'tri/Jack Jake/Rose?

Now that James Cameron’s “Avatar” has completed its three-part flight into history, surpassing a domestic boxoffice record that’s stood since the filmmaker’s “Titanic” completed its theatrical run in 1998, he will reedit both films into a 6hr epic.  This is an idea that has been brewing for some time said his producing partner  John Landau.  Cameron explained; “The  time machine aspect of  Avatar will be use to either send characters back to 1912, or forward to 2154. We could have Neytiri on the boat, and Jack Dawson on Pandora.”  “Or we could have Jake and Jack on the boat” said Landau. “Oh, yeah, I bet you’d love to see that Landau, wouldn’t you? Twisted ol’  fruit”  muttered Cameron.

Landau's fantasy

“The only thing we’re going back and fourth on right now is the name. Titavatar, or Avartanic” said Cameron to reporters. John Landau chimed in, “We could just call it ‘James Cameron!’  because of all of…your… you know… success and power now…and  everything.” Cameron, nipped that in the bud by telling ‘Fat-boy’ to clam up!

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