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Tiger Woods checks into sex addiction center

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Nurses at the center? FORE!

“There is no golf course or cocktail lounge and the nurses are strictly there for decoration” stated Dr Hefner. But, for Tiger Woods, the Pine Grove sex addiction centre in undisclosed neighborhood in Los Angeles is the place he will have to call home as he attempts to get his life and career back on track.

After managing to avoid prowling paparazzi for nearly two months, the world’s number one golf champion was snared by a lensman entering the rehabilitation clinic in LA, which is reputed to be one of America’s leading treatment centres for psychiatric and addictive diseases.

Tiger's first day at "The Mansion"

The facility offers therapy programmes for people with sex, drug and alcohol addictions and for “professionals struggling with not getting enough of these things.”

“Spend a little time in this living temple, this ‘mansion’ if you will… and you’re sure to emerge a different person,” stated Dr. Hefner on the phone to us this morning. It promises in its magazine, adding:

“We’re committed to being a leader in healing and changing lives…For one life with many seasons at the Mansion.” When we asked Dr. Hefner this morning which past of LA this “mansion” was? he quickly back-tracked stating.  “Not important,  ‘The Mansion’ is just another nickname of Pine Grove; a place which offers many solutions. Guaranteed we will find one, if not two, three, four, or five, for Tiger.”

Can you say FORE!?

Pine Grove?

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