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Donkey act 2: Ass Gets His Ass Thrown Behind Bars.

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Blacky poses with FansLas Vegas SUN24.05.08

A donkey in Mexico that acted like a jackass  and was freed last week from jail has spent the following weekend partying it up in Las Vegas

The Televisa network on Wednesday showed Blacky on CCTV footage gambling at the Las Vegas Palms hotel.   Blacky gambled more than 200 thousand dollars in a marathon 26-hour session which one patron described it as “a mad frenzy of chips, cash, carrots and oats”.

When Blacky couldn’t come up with the balance after being extended a generous line of credit by the management he was asked to leave the premises by hotel security staff. Blacky became enraged and witnesses, on the scene, described the ensuing fight where  [Blacky] “kicked, bit, spat and urinated on and at hotel staff.” 

After spending the night in jail, Blacky was freed on bail posted by his good friend Sean Combs who told the assembled reporters “Blacky is a unique talent, he loved and supported his friend and knows he may be down, but certainly not out”. Rumors abound that Blacky will join P-diddy on the European leg of his upcoming tour.

Sunday night saw the antics move to The Belagio where things again quickly turned sour. Reports have surfaced that Blacky was swimming naked in the rooftop pool with a “drunk” Paris Hilton. 

When hotel staff were called to the scene, they witnessed Blacky defecating on Miss Hilton while dancing around a sombrero.

A spokesman for the fashion diva has angrily denied the report and reading from a prepared statement said: ”Blacky was indeed a friend of Miss Hilton’s, but lately he has given her the shits.”

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