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Hannity: Gay and proud ...and glad!

Hannity: Gay and proud ...and glad!

At an impromptu press conference today out-spoken Fox News political pundit Sean Hannity admitted publicly for the first time that he was in fact gay and was, and is, intimitely involved with his hair dresser of 22 years. “He cut my locks, and I sucked his… well, you do the math” a beaming Hannity purred to the throng of reporters assembled at JFK airport.

When asked where he was heading Hannity stated that he was on his way to Berlin for the annual love parade “where things like this aren’t frowned upon.”  “I’m gay and proud”  he stated emphatically.  When asked what he was proud of, Hannity was lost for words. “Shouldn’t you be gay and glad?” one reporter fired back.

Hannity defiantly responded “I’ll be wearing nothing but riding chaps for the next 10 days, I think I’ll be mighty glad by the end of it, don’t you?” . Within minutes he had disappeared down the jet-way.  Several reporters later stated  that they had heard Hannity calling out seductively to the pilot “Hey, Captain, I can’t wait to find out why it’s called the ‘cock-pit!?'” Then he was heard to say: “Screw the mile high-club, let’s get the party started, wanna join the 18 feet high-club!” (The height of  a grounded 747  flight deck)

The flight was a package tour,  380  special guests [ mostly hand-picked young robust men] were crammed aboard the nonstop flight to Berlin.

747 - packed with cheer

Cum 'n' get it! A 747 - packed with cheer

Other dignitaries that have been unconfirmed to have been accompanying Hannity on the flight were,  Phil Spectre, Rush Limbaugh, fellow Fox contributor Bill O’reilly and a overly excited Richard Simmons, who was reportedly “greased up like a channel swimmer.”

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  1. Waterford says:

    The festival organisers have said that they will discontinue the Love Parade.

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