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Rush Limbaugh Writes for The Onion

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Left, right... Left!

Left, right... Left!

Presumed to be a leftist-leaning satirical mouth-piece The Onion magazine received a  credibility body-blow when it was revealed yesterday, by senior editor Chris Dolmey, that Rush Limbaugh  has been contributing a weekly column to the magazine for the last ten years.

“I know this will come as a great shock to a lot of people, but, alas, it’s true.” When asked to elaborate Dolmey, speaking from Hawaii, went on to state “in the early 90s, Rush would always fax us with story ideas;  ‘Attack this!’ ‘Speak out against them’ ‘Go after this issue!’. We had his email on our spam list for a long time, then he discovered Skype and after he realized he could get free calls, they started pouring in, sometimes ten a day.”


Dolmey, in defensive mode continued “Rush has a lot of enemies out there, and many of these people he is too…uh, chicken, I guess, to confront on air. I guess sponsor dollars and other such politics come into play, so he turned to us. In the end, frankly,  it was easier to just give him his own column, rather than comb through his weekly shit-list.”

Onions Chief Editor Chris Dolmey

Besieged Onion Chief Editor - Chris Dolmey

Dolmey said Rush writes under the pen-name ‘Chris Oward’

Denying that the the Onions credibility may now be lying in tatters, Dolmey admitted that Limbuagh, in the past, had been the catalyst behind many of the magazines most famous pieces.

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