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Moore screams about food
Moore screams about food

Last night Michael Moore went head to head with veteran talk show host Larry King. Originally invited on to discuss the recent Detroit automotive bailout by Congress, the discussion quickly turned sour when King prodded the controversial documentary filmmaker about his recent legal battle with the fast-food outlet Sizzler.

Moore responded with: “Larry, with all due respect, I’m here on to talk about Congress’s decision to bailout the Detroit big three, not to talk about my on-going battle with those lying pigs down at Sizzler.”

King pressed on: “But, Michael, surely you, of all people would not deny our viewers the truth behind this lawsuit you have brought upon Sizzler.”

Apparently his recent scathing documentary SICKO about the plight of America’s healthcare industry was the last thing on his mind as he finally revealed details into his lawsuit.

“All you can eat you can eat’, should mean just that” Moore stated. “Sizzler entered into a contract with me, a consumer, when they placed their banners across the street from my office. I went in, paid the agreed amount and had dinner.”

King jumped on him at this point: “But Mike, you were alleged to have entered the establishment at 6pm Wednesday night, and you were forcibly removed from the said establishment 22 hours later, isn’t that right?”


King or Skeletor?

Moore retorted, “All you can eat, means all you can eat! You know, Larry, when did we stop living in a free democratic society?” Moore then started on what best could be described as a diatribe about consumers being lied to by corporate America.

King ended the interview trying to shut him down. “Mike, we got it, we got it… Mike you’re starting to sound repetitive… okay, Mike.”

Moore later called King “a sad owl-faced corpse, who has lived on well past his used by date. The guy looks like Skeletor from He-Man”

Watch interview excerpts below:


Moore rants against Sizzler and “what they’ve been shoving down our throats for years” and demands a change in management.

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