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Missingmoney.com Madoff at it again!!!!

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missing-moneyMissingmoney.com or Missingmoney.con! Is it yet another front from Bernard Madoff’s grocery list of financial scams? Sources from the inside say, “yes!”

“Money’s tight these days. But maybe you have a little more of the green stuff than you think you do.” So the tag line to this insidious website reads, purporting to be a government based non-profit institution. The official sounding lies continue, “The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators has a Web site called MissingMoney.com where people can search for funds that may be owed to them. Or you can head directly to the Illinois CashDash database.”

Even the Wall Street Journal was deceived by the lies, proclaiming: “You may be entitled to some of the nearly $33 billion in unclaimed property sitting in state governments’ coffers. These are sums that businesses were required to turn over to the states after no activity or contact with the owner after a period of a year or more. Items can include dividend or payroll checks that haven’t been cashed, refunds, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders, insurance payments or refunds, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments and the contents of safe-deposit boxes.”

The perpetrators of this hoax want you to believe that getting loads of free cash is as easy as heading to MissingMoney.com. There you’ll perform a “simple” search of state records to see if a deceased relative of yours has unclaimed property as well. To claim those accounts, you have to be able to prove you’re the legal heir.


And therein lies the rub, according to insider John Turrley, from IBN’s “Stock Watch”. To prove that you’re entitled to this alleged cash, you have to deliver vital personal information as you work your way through their bogus “tiers of security”. By the time you’re done, the pond scum posing as missingmoney.com’s webmasters will have your birth certificate, social security number, and of course, bank and credit card details. Information a six year old could steal your identity with. And they’re older than 6!!!

John Turrley said this morning: “My investigation has led me on some dark, sordid paths, the darkest of which led straight to that overweight, droopy-faced jackal, Bernard Madoff. He’s been skimming people with this site for years, and now, as a final sad sick joke, his lasting legacy will be stealing from behind bars. Missingmoney.com dangles a carrot, Madoff’s web goons deliver the ‘bait ‘n’ switch’ Madoff’s made a career on.

He started the site in 1998, betting on people’s innate greed, gullibility and stupidity. Since then, he has bilked average families out of nearly 300 million dollars by skimming off the bank accounts they had handed over to this slime-ball in the hope of securing fantasy cash from the government.” Turrley went on: “‘Madoff-with-your-money’ is at it again.”

The federal police were investigating Turrley’s explosive claims at the time of press. And this may not be the end of Madoff’s online scams. Turrley is awaiting confirmation that Madoff could have also been behind the Nigerian prince emails and the “send a dollar” chain letters.


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