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Mickey Rourke Vows To Not Screw [up performance with] Megan Fox.

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The new face of Vimax

The new face of Vimax

Speaking from the set yesterday of his upcoming picture “Passion Plays”,  the indie drama that Mitch Glazer is writing and directing.  Mickey Rourke’s spoke candidly about many things, including costar MeganFox. Fox plays an Angel that tries to redeem Rourke’s character after he saves her from a gangster. Rourke playing a down on his luck trumpet player. .. but if history is any guide, it appears that she’ll be the one playing his trumpet, if she hasn;t already.

When selecting parts, Rourke has always been more concerned with what he terms, “his hot streak,” roughly translated mean: his rampant history of hooking up with female costars. In a 1990 Rolling Stone interview, Rourke stated, “I view actresses not merely as costars but as muses sent by the studio as offerings to placate my God-like talent. It’s a process that’s crucial to me getting into their pants– I mean their character.” “The ‘hot streak’ began with Kim Basinger in 9 ½ weeks, and continued with Carre Otis in Wild Orchid and culminated with Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart,” stated a proud Rourke.

‘The Streak’ then hit what Rourke considers a down period where he was forced to slum with B grade costars like Natacha Lindinger in Double Team, Virginia Cole in Shergar, and, at his lowest point, Seymour Cassel in Animal Factory.

The Wrestler was widely seen as a career resurrector for Rourke but when recently congratulated about his Oscar nomination, he seemed most proud of reigniting ‘the streak’ with what he deemed ‘passable ass’ upgrading the quality of his costars to his prior glory-days. In fact, after a brief fling with Marisa Tomei, so excited that he was back on track, he moved on to Evan Rachel Wood, a 21 year old more than three decades his junior.

Richard Grease, Rourke’s agent, stated, upon hearing that Rourke had hooked up with his onscreen daughter: “I didn’t know whether to vomit or masturbate. So like any great multi tasker, I did both… all the while I was trying to close the deal on Mickey’s next project; Hollywood Honeys Part 19. But, after Mickey’s unexpected resurgence as a dramatic actor we put the kibosh on anything like that, for the foreseeable future anyway.”

“Mickey’s so excited about this movie” stated Grease. “He’s delighted Megan Fox has been cast under him–alongside him– in Passion Play and let me tell you, he can’t wait to bang her– I mean screw– I mean bang out another great performance with her…. and not screw up the part.”

Megan showing off her true talent.
Megan Fox showing off her ASS-ets

Megan Fox refused to address Rourke’s so-called ‘hot-streak’ but issued a statement that “she is happily working alongside Mickey and fully committed to anything she needs to do to make this movie work.” Judging by the grin on Rourke’s face at the press conference and the way he was greedily licking his lips, this little ingenue might have have bitten off more than she can chew… get it?

In other news Mickey Rourke has signed a multi-million dollar deal to be the face of Vimax, the sexual supplement that apparently aids men in the bedroom. Mickey was stunned to learn that women actually like to sometimes have sex in that room of the house.


Megan Fox doing what she does best

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