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Limbaugh’s House Raided by NYPD

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Limbuagh's house raided

Limbuagh's house raided

In a early morning raid today, NYPD officers stormed Rush Limbaugh’s house in what critics are already calling the “St. Patty’s day frameup..”  The entertainer was on the air at the time of the raid and couldn’t be reached for comment but did state on his radio show that he hopes President Obama fails miserably. The rest of his statement was distorted by labored breathing and the sound of Limbaugh’s sweat dripping on and shorting out the microphone, a persistent problem that reportedly has Clear Channel considering shrink-wrapping everything in his studio.

Officers found an underground dungeon in Limbaugh’s basement, reminiscent of the secret rooms Austrian Josef Fritzl’s daughter was found in last year. The true nature of this “dungeon” is unknown at the time of this writing but appears to have been used as a paraphernalia storeroom for Limbaugh’s upcoming St. Patrick’s day party.

Officers found over one thousand green colored tablets of generic vicodin as well as ten thousand shamrock shaped oxycontins. And in a bizarre development, Limbaugh was holding captive at least three illegal Irish midgets who had been brain-washed into thinking they were leprechauns .

freed midgets

Freed midgets

They stated that the condservative pundit was demanding they grant him three wishes, two of which they claim he has already used. “Judging by the anal tears on the three midgets, it looks like he still has one wish up his sleeve” stated an officer at the scene.

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