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Leo DiCaprio Ready to Face his Face-Slasher

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Leo's face slashed: "Where's your goat?"

Law enforcement sources tell us Leo is being “extremely cooperative” with prosecutors on the Aretha Wilson case. 40-year-old Wilson appeared, briefly, in court on Wednesday and is being held on$150,000 bail. An unidentified goat was tied up outside the court room.

According to our sources, Leo has told authorities that he will take the stand and testify against Wilson and her goat, if necessary.  “I asked her to perform a sex-act, and she reacted like this.” Wilson allegedly slashed DiCaprio’s face with a glass during a 2005 party in the Hollywood Hills after turning down his request to perform a sex-act. “No one knew why she was there” a source said.  So, Leo presumed she was “the entertainment for the night”  “Is that why you brought a goat?” He asked her.  “She just snapped…for no reason and screamed: ‘I don’t have sex with goats’.”  The source added: “Have you seen her? She definitely has sex with goats”.

Wilson was extradited from Canada last week, along with unnamed goat and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Sex act denied

Will Goat Testify?

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