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Larry King Won’t Press “Button” On Sequel

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King at Benjamin Button's premiere

King at Benjamin Button's premiere

According to the Hollywood Reporter, talks have broken off between Larry King and Paramount studios regarding the lead role in the highly touted “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’s much older brother” the sequel to the Brad Pitt hit, with both sides telling very different versions of events. 

Still alive?

Still alive?

A statement released by King’s camp this morning claims that King bowed out because of scheduling conflicts. However, the studio and the film’s director, David Fincher, cited other reasons. Interviewed on the View soon after King’s statement was released, Fincher  stated that the logistical issues involved in trying to age King in reverse proved overwhelming. “Larry came in for a makeup test and after eight hours of fruitlessly trying to make Larry look younger, the makeup artist broke down, and left the studio in tears. We tried to do it digitally and fried all the servers at Lucasfilm. The good news is, that also destroyed all the assets for another round of Star Wars sequels.” “We realized we were trying to accomplish the impossible. I mean this guy has looked 80 since the time he was 25!!

“With Brad we had it easy. It turns out aging young to old is no problem but, with Larry, someone with one foot already in the grave, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We thought the extra challenge would be exciting, a chance to push the boundaries of what’s possible on film but we were fools. It turns out there are limits to what can be achieved on celluloid.” Fincher left the interview disillusioned.
King arested in 1931 for lying about age

King at 68: Year: 1971 arrested for lying to police about his age.

 On yesterday’s View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck joined in the chorus of confusion by revealing she was stunned to find out that King was actually still alive. 

There are currently no plans to try to find a replacement as the filmmakers are still too frustrated by the experience to continue.

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