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Johnny Depp’s New Film: “White Face, Crazy hair”.

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We haven't seen this before, right?

How does Johnny Depp keep reinventing himself? ” By combining undeniable talent with an inane ability to see the unique attributes within the vast array of incredibly diverse characters he has chosen to portray over his career.” States his long-time collaborator Tim Burton.

On the set of their new film “White Face, Crazy Hair” which started production yesterday, the director spoke candidly about the process.

“It seemed like the next logical step in Johnny’s career. We’ve been talking about doing a project for some time centering around a guy with a white face and crazy hair.  We sat down one afternoon and worked out the plot. It all came together very easily. Then we pitched the studios and they were all equally excited. We said it will star Johnny Depp, and they were like: Yeah? And he’ll have a white face, and they were like: yeah, yeah?  And he will have crazy hair!  And they were like: Genius!!!”

"He'll have a white face and..." Oh shut the fuck up!

When asked for plot details Burton wasn’t as fourthcoming. “Well, let’s see.  He has crazy hair and a white face, and there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on. Crazy art direction, crazy stuff… going on… you know… I can promise you this: you haven’t seen anything like this before. Not in one of my films!”

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  1. Johnny Depp, You’re my favorite actor Man! I love the way you walk in Pirates of the Caribbean. I love all your movies, but I love “Pirates of the Caribbean” better because it’s hilarious and enjoyable,

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