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Jewish girl: Phylacteries Tefillin, or just sick sex fetish?

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Arrested for this? Come on! or... Cum on?

This morning on a US Airways flight, a Jewish passenger was the victim ofmistaken identity. He was thought to be a terrorist because of his phylacteries whose picture is shown below.

Another passenger who doesn’t know what phylacteries tefillin are saw the religious item being strapped onto the body of the Jewish passenger and caused a bomb scare in the plane.

This caused the plane to be diverted to Philadelphia. The plane was headed to Louisville after taking off from New York’s La Guardia.

For those who don’t know the meaning or what a phylacteries tefillin are, it is something used in a Jewish Morning Prayer.

Sure it is, sure…

US Airways confirmed: “she was not in any danger of blowing up the plane, but three gentlemen, who witnessed the young lady in full gear, ‘blew’ on the plane”. Therein lies the rub…get it?

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