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Jerry Brown’s School Lesson on Carbon Dioxide

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"I'm so confused..."


JB: “Hmm – isn’t Carbon Dioxide, or Co3 what trees breathe, Mr. Peep?

THOMAS: Why, yes it is, Jerry. But remember, it’s CO – TWO!

JB: Oh, I get it, so the more Co2 in the atmosphere, the more trees, the more forests on planet earth?
THOMAS: Yes, correct. Increased Co2 levels would indeed result in massive naturally occurring reforestation. Did you know that back in the Jurassic period Co2 levels were at 50%?
JB: Wow! 50% I bet there were lots of trees back then?
THOMAS: Spot on, Jerry.  The planet was covered in vast forests.
JB: But hang on, there were no cars back then!  Wait, were there?
THOMAS: No there weren’t and no people, there were dinosaurs.
JB: Dino-what’s?
THOMAS: DINO-SAWS. Large prehistoric creatures ruled the earth.
JB: Uh-huh! Were they responsible?
THOMAS: Well, no more than cows and humans are today, but no, the Volcano’s were responsible.
JB: They sound scary.
THOMAS: They can be. Mother nature can be. But none of us would be here without her. Volcanos occur when the earth’s crusts splits open and spews out liquid hot magma. As it does, it releases tonnes of gases with it, one of those gasses is–
JB: I know, I know: Co3
JB:  Co2, right. So hang on, Co2 is natural? It’s comes from the planet itself?
THOMAS: As does Oil, as does coal, as does hundred of other gases and natural minerals we need to survive. The earth’s crust releases them naturally. The balance is maintained over long time periods by a complex series of cyclicalprocesses. This “cyclical process” is why we have an atmosphere.
JB: Why doesn’t Al Bore tell us the truth?
THOMAS: Because he has an agenda, Jerry. An agenda!
JB: Oh, I’ve heard about those “agendas” they’re dangerous, aren’t they?
THOMAS. Yes, agenda’s are very dangerous. Far more dangerous than Co2.
JB: I’m so confused….So, if burning fossil fuels releases Co2, far less than a volcano, and we know that Co2 is good for trees – that more will grow because of it. Then why isn’t driving a big gas-guzzler called “going green.”
THOMAS: “WORD”, Homey! WORD! (The two fist-pound)
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