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Jerry Brown remembers his buddy Jim Jones!

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When Jerry Brown was questioned by reporters about his sordid past and asked if he’d ever “drank the koolaid”, and unrepentant Brown fired back: “It was ‘flavor-aid’, ‘FLAVOR-AID!’ And that”s been blown out of all proportions. Jonestown was like summer camp – we swam, we ran around the compound’s perimeter, we made things… we played games like, um, “White Night” or “State of Emergency” and within this context we rehearsed mass suicide. It was like a big play…the kids loved it! Then, when we were finished, we’d have lashing of flavor-aid — we were real hot — so it was good to cool down. Some people lay down after that, becasue they were real tired. Some didn’t get up ever again, they were the really, really tired ones.”

Brown chuckled, as if a distant memory registered “Jim could be a real task-master when he wanted to be. Hard but fair. That’s how I’d sum the guy up… hard… but fair! I… I loved him.” Brown stated.

Jerry Brown’s wonderful past.

"We're the two best friends that anyone could ever have..."

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2 Responses for “Jerry Brown remembers his buddy Jim Jones!”

  1. David Conn says:

    The first inside investigator of the JimJones cult.

  2. Erich Aseltine says:

    Fact! There is no picture anywhere where Governor Brown is more happy than next to his friend Jim Jones! Try to Google images, none compare with the smile he has on his face in this picture!
    At this time Governor Brown was living at Laurel Canyon/Hollywood Hills a couple miles from West Hollywood…? I don’t know…but they both seem pretty gay in this picture.

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