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James Cameron Says His Next Project Will Be A Sequel to Avatar, Not Titanic

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Do not push me on this!

At a press conference today, James Cameron’s announced that he will make a follow-up to his box office smash Avatar. Talk of a Titanic sequel were quickly quashed: “We looked into the idea a few years back. Frankly, raising that ship again would be f***ing bitch!” When asked if effects could be used instead of a the real ship in a potential Titanic sequel he answered: “You can’t use effects with the Titanic, it just wouldn’t be right?” “Of course there would be no Leo” added a reporter.

“Watch the film again”, Cameron countered. “He’s alive at the end, they all are!” The confused journalists were silent, then one finally plucked up the courage and calmly asked: “But that was a dream sequence — the end… wasn’t it?”  At which point, a visibly distressed Cameron, got to his feet and screamed: “You’re ‘the dream sequence’, pal!”

Cameron cast his eyes around the room and left, yelling: “King of the world…again! King of the world…again! Yeaaaaaah!”

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