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Hannity Set to Play Lane’s Gay Brother in Birdcage 2

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LANE/HANNITY: separated at birth? Paramount Pictures is hoping so.

LANE/HANNITY: separated at birth? Paramount Pictures is hoping so.

It was just announced that Sean Hannity will be playing Nathan Lane’s brother as Jerry Goldman, brother to Albert, in Birdcage 2. After successfully fooling the Keeleys in Birdcage one, Hannity is said to play the new addition, Jerry Goldman, whose intent on revealing his gaiety to the Keeley family thus forcing them to accept him. The sequel is structured around Hannity’s character trying to seduce the Keeley patriarch in an effort to prove “Gay is OK.” As Hannity has gotten more and more made up in recent years as he took over his own show on the FOX network, the resemblance to gay icon Nathan Lane became impossible to ignore.

Post Obama election, as Hannity careened closer and closer to irrelevance, he needed more motivation to get people to watch his tired show. Gay is okay became the order of the day.   Said fox News head Roger Ailes, when asked about Hannity’s ability to play Lane’s brother, he responded: “Don’t worry, Hannity’s as gay as they cum! Get it!?” He chortled loudly. “I’m not sure what happened, but the resemblance became impossible to ignore, the attention Sean received from the gay community became overwhelming. He has a huge gay fan base and seems to be cultivating it, each night his makeup application seems to get thicker and thicker.” Lane chimed in: “I’m delighted to be partnered with Sean,  I look forward to working with Paramount studios on cultivating Sean’s new image. I’ve got to be honest, when I watched his “expose” on Ruth Bader Ginsburg the other night, I wanted to kiss my screen – really him… full on the mouth. I would have given Sean full tongue. Sean is set to be a superstar and gay icon…. so look out Ian McKellen.”

IN OTHER NEWS: Sean Hannity of Fox News  has been linked to a gay lover triangle where he is alleged to be involved with the husband of a well- knowned female mortgage broker in New York City. Sources say that Hannity and the brokers husband have had an torrid affair for years. Sources say that the two would meet in Hannity’s New York apartment at least twice a week for sex. The Broker is seeking a multimillion dollar divorce settlement at this time. Developing…

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