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Fox Announces New Family Guy Spin-off

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Tiger as Quagmire - "Gigada-gigada-gigada!"

It looks like Tiger Woods will replace Seth McFarlane as the voice of  Quagmire in the new spin-off of the hit animated Tv show Family Guy. Creator Seth McFarlane, along former Simpsons writer Rich Appel are collaborating on the project, tentatively titled “QuagmireFamily Guy… not.”

Quagmire’s, the misogynistic womanising sex-machine pilot on the  show, is the most sexually depraved among Griffin’s trio of friends. “We were looking for someone who embodied those characteristics.” said McFarlane.

Tiger seems like the logical choice for the show’s main sexual predator and iconic deviant. Woods will also bring his own ideas to the table, “as the gentle, everyman persona that he hid behind for so many years was just a ruse, there’s probably a lot of bizarre sick stuff to be found in his life that he has kept bottled up until now, I can’t wait to see it.” stated an excited McFarlane.

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