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Crazy Fan Arrested at Britney Spears Concert

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Britney amused when she is informed why sex-attacker did not attack!

Britney amused when she is informed why sex-attacker did not attack!

Cops tell Thomas Peep a man was arrested last night after jumping on stage during Britney Spears’ concert at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

Connecticut State Police say they arrested 20-year-old Kyle King — who they say had definitely been drinking — after he charged on stage during Britney’s encore performance of “Womanizer.”

Security and Brit’s backup dancers were able to stop King before he could come in contact with Spears — and he was arrested for breach of peace.

The CSP says after King was taken into custody, he was being highly uncooperative — so they also booked him for interfering with police.

He was released this morning after paying a $250 bond. King was interviewed later and stated: “I was going up to sexually assault Miss Spears, but when I got up close to her, I felt sick inside, she was pig-ugly! Truth be told, I nearly threw up. Check out the video, just as I was about to jump her, I stopped dead in my tracks. Sure, I was plastered, but the booze still couldn’t dull my senses enough to fool my eyesight. Maybe if I’d had them both poked out it would have been on.”

UPDATE: In the video, you can clearly see the man jump on stage and try to bust a move with Britney, before being hauled away by her dancers and security.

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