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Chicago Bulls Draft The World’s Tallest Man.

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Bulls GM John Paxson

Bulls GM John Paxson ecstatic about signing Ukraine giant

Standing 11 feet 2 inches, Leonid Stadnyk of Ukraine (The world’s tallest man) has been drafted by the Chicago Bulls. “I am very happy be drafted by glorious Chicago ball’s” Leonid stated.

When reporters pointed out that he miss-pronounced the team’s name GM John Paxson said: “who cares what the bean-stalk calls us, as long as Stadnyk scores 20 a game and stands by our goal like King Kong swatting away offensive lay-ups like flies at a picnic,  he won’t have to go back to hunching over in his home-town coal mine like his grandparents still do”.

When reporters asked Stadnyk how he thought he could adapt to the NBA game he stated: “Me like rubber boots with fancy swish”.


NBA's New Big Man

NBA's New Big Man

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