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Al Gore Admits: “I was Wrong about Climate Change”

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Al Gore admits he was wrong.

Al Gore admits he was wrong.

Yesterday, in a stunning reversal, Al Gore broke down in tears in front of a throng of reporters at Chicago’s World Green Day conference, admitting publicly for the first time that the theory of Global Warming, which the former Vice-President has touted for the better part of three decades, has been nothing more than “hot air”.  “The fear that I’ve been perpetuating a hoax has been growing inside me for some time. I finally had no alternative but to admit that my confidence in the global warming theory was melting away faster than the ice caps supposedly were. The mountain of evidence and hard scientific data has overwhelmingly persuaded me to reverse my previous position on Global Warming.”

Gore went on to plead his case by presenting another powerpoint slideshow depicting what he described as  “irrefutable evidence.”

Some highlights:

The Polar bears aren’t drowning. (the pictures of them clinging to icebergs for their lives, are actually the bears frolicking, as they have done for centuries)

CO2 is not responsible for climate change, i.e. it does not trap heat within the earth’s atmosphere. In fact, a proliferation of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere, if true, would actually be beneficial to plant-life, as this is what they actually breathe”.

The Artic and Antarctic ice sheets are not melting.

The world’s oceans and seas, that are all interconnected, are not rising. (He admitted sheepishly that his six year old niece pointed out to him that it’s impossible for sea levels to rise in one place and not another) He added, “I’m quite sure the millions of people who live on the coast of America would have reported ever encroaching seas by now if this sad and disingenuous tale was true.”

There is no consensus amongst any scientists that the earth is heating up. The only consensus is that left-wing extremists agree that fear and hysteria is the best way to gain grant money from gullible governments.

The graph used in the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” known as the “hockey stick” because of it’s dramatic up sweep in the last 20 years, was in fact doctored to suit his own scaremongering needs. The previous 200 million years, which show similar up-sweeps; peaks and valleys,  did not suit his hysterical viewpoint, so, he made a conscious decision to jettison this sound-science.

Carbon offsets are one of the saddest jokes ever perpetrated on the sheeple of this planet. (Almost as bad as the global dimming theory)

Carbon offsets do not work. (Planting trees to reduce CO2 emissions is likened to people drinking sea water to keep the world’s oceans down — as CO2 is only held by a tree for a certain time before being released back into the atmosphere)

Even if the world heated up by 5 degrees Celsius, the coldest parts of both poles are minus 30 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures would result in more condensation at the equator,  which results in more snow over the polar caps at the coldest points and thicker ice sheets; this would, in effect trap more water as ice, not less, resulting in lower coast lines. (This has not happened, proof-positive that the world is not heating up)

The environmental movement, a once noble cause, has been hijacked by the loony left, homeless anti-capitalists like Ed Begley who use fear for political expediency, who stymie growth through the use of hysterical propaganda. They deliver the propaganda to a willing audience of conspiracy theorists, weak-minded individuals, and worse still,  starfuckers who are so awestruck by a cadre of environmentalist Hollywood elitists who, whilst being the most outspoken on environmental issues, end up,  more often than not, being the biggest hypocrites with their lavish lifestyles, private jets, energy-sucking 10-bedroom mansions, fleets of limousines, prestige cars and entourages of hangers-on that serve no real purpose to either them or humanity.

On the defensive

On the defensive

The rise in temperature: Is the Earth hotter now than it was 40 years ago?

Gore saved his most elaborate explanation for the microscopic rise in urban temperatures that has been reported relentlessly in the mainstream-press.

“When we talk about Earth’s temperature, we are really talking not about overall temperature but about our cities’ temperatures, as that’s where the vast majority of people live. The fact is: cities are in fact hotter now than they were 40 years ago. This is true. The higher temperatures in recent decades is the direct result of ‘urban sprawl’.” Gore stated. “Take a city like Los Angeles which has urban sprawl in all directions, sprawl that has tripled and quadrupled over the past 50 years. The vast networks of roads, concrete, glass, steel, and other raw materials now covering this once arid landscape create the temperature rise. Simply put:  concrete, tar, metal, glass, steel, heat up far more during the day than fields, valleys, rivers, and forests, thus increasing temperature in the most densely populated cities. If temperatures were measured in the middle of nowhere there would be no significant increase.

If we were to return Los Angeles today to the rural landscape, as it was in say 1880, the temperature in the middle of the day would be 5-10 degrees lower than it is now. So, the bigger the urban sprawl, the higher the temperature. We have used these alarming statistics, that this city, or that city has posted the highest temperature, or the hottest month in the past 100 years to scare people and manipulate statistics to support our hysterical viewpoints.” Gore went on to say. “And for that, people of planet earth, I am truly sorry.”

Polar bears: Doing fine, sunshine.

Polar bears: Doing fine, sunshine.

Gore went on for two hours taking aim at myth after myth and shooting it down. All that was left after the marathon three-hour admission of guilt was a shadow of man who once came within a heartbeat of being President.

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33 Responses for “Al Gore Admits: “I was Wrong about Climate Change””

  1. gemma says:

    Interesting. Does Al being confused mean that we’re not experiencing climatory change or just that it’s global warming? Does it change the need for diversity or a complete restructure of our energy, water and government systems? Does it relieve any one of us of personal responsibility in any of these areas? Not!! It opens up the conversation further! Let’s talk!

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  3. Sources says:

    Just curious… where are the sources for this article?

    I’m completely against Al Gore’s theory on global warming, but am surprised that I haven’t read about his admittance anywhere else…

  4. happy days says:

    Can’t people that post complete hoaxes on their sites be held accountable for their lies?

  5. thomaspeep says:

    no they can’t!!! But it’s not a hoax! You silly fool.

  6. Mike Davis says:


  7. This sounds utterly utterly amazing. But why has nobody else picked this up? especially if Al Gore was in front of a crowd of reporters? How did you come to know about this Thomas? What subsequent steps is Al Gore now taking? and how can we check these things out for ourselves?

    Having said all that, it does sound like the voice of Al Gore, the one I used to know who wrote Earth in the Balance with some stunning quotes.

  8. Derek says:

    ” Can’t people that post complete hoaxes on their sites be held accountable for their lies? ”

    That is what we are hoping for to happen.

    But, Al Gore, James Hansen, Micheal Mann et al will not be made to give refunds,
    because the politicians will not allow such a (false) tax cow to be shown for what it is,
    a hoax, based on fraudulent data, and presentation.

    Polar bears are not dying out or drowning,
    the AGW warming (blanket) assumption can not be observed,
    and the Hockey Stick has long been shown as a scientific fraud.

    Completely false hoaxes ARE allowed to be on the internet,
    because polticians are benefiting from it.
    AGW is a political problem, not a science fact.
    We and our economies are paying the price.

  9. Glenn says:

    If the writer wants to gain credibility have the video of the so-called confession back up your story. Wake up and smell the coffee and move away from the coastal areas. That’s what I woulod say if I believed in Global warming, but I don’t. It’s a hoax. Hah!

  10. An Inquirer says:

    I think this adds value to any discussion of AGW.

  11. James P says:

    Does this mean that Al really is a carbon-based life-form?

  12. Nipfan says:

    Satire, right?

    This is exactly what SHOULD happen but I doubt it ever will.

  13. Amy says:

    This site is awesome. love it!!!

  14. Jade says:

    Gore’s tombstone: in living memory of the famous con artist………… BIR (May he Burn In Remorse)
    Dictionary definition in year 2500
    Gore: a great hoax perpetuated to deceive the general public, utilizing vast capitalist funding, propaganda, and pseudo-science. e.g. early 21st centuries global warming pseudo-sentiment.

    When my grandchildren are older we will be making the Gore jokes.

  15. thomaspeep says:

    For the record: The writer wants to gain no credibility, only to expose Al Gore’s lies.

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  17. If you ever want to see a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this post for 4/5. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed bits. Thank you, anyway!

  18. Chuck says:

    I think that he has finally come clean is a positive step. I also think Gore has a long way to go to make up for his lies. But this is a good start.

  19. Yeah Right says:

    You guys really ought to double check your facts. The Global Warming Debate aside, if Al Gore really retracted all of his previous statements, then why would he still be touting its validity on his own blog site daily?


  20. Vitas says:

    So Thomas I would like to know where did you get this information. Months after your post I have been unable to find any evidence that this really happened so I hesitate to link your post in some discussions…

  21. HOAX! says:

    Well thanks to Russian hackers we now know that Gore needs to be arrested!

  22. Gary says:

    The esteemed (or just steamed?) Mr. Peep had me suckkered into this outragerously funny Web site until about he third story (Kermit the Frog contracts H1N1). “Mr. Peep: is in serious need of psychiatric help or maybe he’s the lone sane person left in this world and the rest of us6.8 billion are totally bonkers. This is great. No more “regular media for me! The Onion, this wonderful site and??? What other similar aka “National Lampoon” sites have any of you found? Please share addresses!! Tin foil hat and drink 47 extra extra Jolt Colas a day, read stuff like this and I am WIRED AND READING THAT CRAZY MAGAZINE CALLED WIRED! TOTALLY OUT OF IT AND NOT AN OUNCE OF ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!!!!! WOW!!!! THANK YOU “MR. PEEP”!!!!c This crazy world no longer exists for me. I am now in a whole new dimension bound for the planet XZZytGG!! Nanu Nanu!

  23. John Spiteri says:

    The trouble with Britney is always the same. She is an breathtaking performer. It is so sad to have to see her squander it getting caught up in all that bad stuff. She must get along to rehabilitation, or get into a program, or get a better coach. Will she ever tour again? I’d mortgage my house to see her perform, her shows are awesome.

  24. Jimmie Maass says:

    Do you really need to do this?

  25. OMG, that shit is so funny. I will share it.

  26. Give me a Break says:

    Grow up. The first image was taken off a radical political website, the second from USA forums and the third was a stock photo. If Gore broke out into tears you would have posted a photo of it (not to mention that the incident would be all over any and every news station that could get their grubby little hands on footage), and lastly none of the quotes follow his speech patterns, Gore has a very particular confident pattern to what he says, watch The inconvenient truth.

  27. Evad says:

    GW is a hoax just like that internet story that went around and people were scared about “Di-hydrogen Monoxide. Think about what that would be…
    There were tons upon tons of well-known websites reporting on how poisonous and harmfull this OTHER tasteless, colorless, and odorless toxin was… We dont hear about how that was a hoax. Of course you can now, because it takes a while for that to spread. I have no doubt in my mind that this did happen. And for that, Al Gore should be incarcerated.

  28. Billroy says:

    Al Gore is the single biggest laugh of the last 50 years. That silly gasbag….so much for the doom and gloom idiots. Global warming—-the only thing warming anything was all the hot air he has been spewing.

  29. Billroy says:

    At least Big Al has the guts to admit he has been wrong. That says a lot for the man’s true character. It’s sad that he was taken in by the charlatans and psuedo-scientists in this GW fiasco, but at least he had the guts to admit he has been WRONG. Now we need to run these GW whackoes out of the public spotlight and out of political office and throw them on the dung heap of idiotism where they belong.

  30. Harold says:

    Gore is a lying jackass. He did the damage he was hired to do by the global bankers. Apologizing now means nothing. He is an idiot and gutless lackey of Rockefeller. Apologizing now is like unleashing leprosy in Penn Station and then saying, “I didnt really mean to..”.

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