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In Cramer “We Bust”

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Cramer: "Thanks money suckers!"

Cramer: "Thanks money suckers!"

Days after his public evisceration by Jon Stewart, Jim Cramer’s memory seems to have been affected by the beating. Today on NBC’s Today show, Meredith Vieira played the clips asking Cramer to respond to allegations that he “capitulated” in the interview. Cramer claimed he was taking the high road in the showdown with Jon Stewart and it was foolish of Stewart to blame the media for the current economic crisis.



Later in the morning, Cramer appeared on the Howard Stern radio show and tried to spin the same version of events. “High road!?” Stern jumped in abruptly. You looked like a frightened child who’d just had his lunch money stolen by the school bully.” Cramer retorted, ‘Hang on, No, that’s not fair, on my show, I try to stay on top of these criminals.”
“On top of them!?” Stern responded “Like you stayed on top of Stewart? You looked like a third grader who’d just been pantsed. Maybe you have amnesia which would explain your schizophrenic stock market predictions. Your revisionist history may play on Vieira’s dog and pony show but I’m not buying it.” “No, come on, that’s not fair,” Cramer hit back. Stern pressed on: “Fair? What’s not fair is your slogan ‘In Cramer we trust’!? More like ‘In Cramer we bust’!”
Don Imus this morning chimed in the growing controversy asking: “Why would they want us to trust an actor from Seinfeld, whose last claim to fame was his  2006 racist tirade at The Laugh Factory? Why CNBC paid millions to a stand up comedian to dispense financial advice is beyond me!”
 It seems that inflating the stock market bubble and subsequently causing its collapse isn’t the only thing Cramer may have been responsible for. The Boulder PD today released DNA evidence that may put the host of CNBC’s Mad Money at the scene of the JonBenet Ramsey murder 12 years ago. A reknowned aficionado of child beauty pageants, Cramer was said to be obsessed with JonBenet. Quoted at the time, “I know a good investment when I see one and anyone could see she was going to be smoking hot. I wanted to get in early on that one.”
…developing story….
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