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Smart Paper, Rude Inventor

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manAn old man, who refused to divulge his name, has invented “smart paper”. As the internet is slowly destroying the print media business, one paper after another biting the dust, an old man in Philadelphia has invented “smart paper,” synthetic paper that looks, feels and responds like pulped-paper, but is entirely artificial. The attached microscopic wireless device allows users to download the entire daily edition of an paper online. This will allow customers who prefer the feel and tactility of paper to flip thru the latest daily edition of their favorite periodical wherever they please.

When a reporter asked him if his inspiration was helping to save the rain forests, the gruff inventor’s blunt reply was “shut the fuck up you tree-hugging pussy, I did it because I like reading the paper whilst taking a shit! That’s the way the news of the day was meant to be processed, on the can, takin” a shit whilst reading shit! 

When asked about other practicalities, he continued, “I wouldn’t try smacking a golden retriever on the nose with it, or lining a birdcage with it. But, if you wanna blow your wad over the lingerie section, it’s a damn easy hose off.”

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